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Local Produce

At Harlees we are proud to be surrounded by a wealth of opportunities to buy and promote local Dorset produce. The county of Dorset offers high quality products that we are proud to show case, supporting local businesses and giving our customers choice.

Our delicious burgers served at our restaurants come from Oakley Butchers in Merley. We are passionate about Oakley butchers because of the quality and taste.

We also serve local Purbeck Cider and Piddle beer from the Piddlehinton brewery. We serve a range of Piddle beer but Piddle premium ale is not only delicious but is said to have a citrus twist that the brewery recommends to compliment a portion of chips.

Another local product that Harlees are passionate about is Purbeck ice cream. Harlees sells this creamy, soft ice cream in a variety of natural flavours at their restaurants. Another reason we chose Purbeck ice cream is not just for its Dorset origins, but because all their ice cream is gluten, egg and nut free. Purbeck ice cream, suitable for vegetarians, is the perfect dessert after fish and chips on a sunny day.

And lastly what trip to Dorset is complete without sampling the delights of Dorset apple cake? If you are at our Swanage restaurant, try the homemade Dorset apple cake which comes from the local bakery, Haymans, down the road.

Harlees is committed to sourcing local products and will continue to look at areas to develop this, particularly as our shops branch into Wiltshire.