Grant Success!

Our Verwood shop has been awarded a grant from Low Carbon Dorset.

A new frying range and PV for the site were awarded funding as part of the Low Carbon Dorset grant to reduce business carbon footprints in Dorset. The frying range installed at the Verwood shop last week contains the best frying technology on the market. Designed and produced by Kiremco, the market leader in frying systems and ranges in Great Britain, the new range consists of high efficiency gas burners with a gas efficiency level of 94%, the highest in Europe. Not only does this new technology reduce the shops carbon footprint, it also reduces waste frying oil by up to 40% and reduces cooking times. Purchased and installed by KFE, the new range consists of 7 pans and a grill, increasing the shops cooking capacity and techniques.

The addition of 6KwA PV (solar panels) installed by Empower energy onto the flat roof of the shop also reduces the carbon footprint of the takeaway, with any additional energy produced entering the national grid.

These investments are predicted to save 10.6 tonnes of carbon a year!

More information can be found via the following links

Low Carbon Dorset